The VAME Help!desk is a new, permanent, internal, and strictly confidential mediation service for both students and advisors at D-ERDW, consisting of an “ombudsgroup” of volunteers to help solve conflicts.

Our mission

Email the VAME help!desk:


You can also contact any of its current members directly:
Henner Busemann

Senior Scientist
Inst. of Geochemistry and Petrology
NW C 84
Erica Erlanger

Doctoral Student
Geological Institute
NO E 21
Daniela da Paz Bolrão

Doctoral Student
Institute of Geophysics
NO H 17
Gregory de Souza

Inst. of Geochemistry and Petrology
NW C 83.1

Further information

The below resources from advisory bodies may answer questions you do not feel belong at the VAME Help!desk.