EqualiTea is a project of D-ERDW involving department members at all levels, from students to Professors, aimed at creating an open and comfortable environment where to converse, share experiences, address issues, seek suggestions and support, learn, and actively discuss matters of gender equality, work equality, and family-work management. As the name suggests, it consists of a Tea (or coffee, or any other beverage of your liking) and cake break that takes place within the D-ERDW on a monthly basis. All members of the Department are invited to join.

EqualiTea aims to be a self-evolving project, meaning that based on the topics that emerge from the cake breaks and the interest of the participants it may also lead to the organization of one-off seminars on a specific theme or more in-depth conversational meetings and events. The aim will always be that of catering to the needs expressed by the participating D-ERDW members in creating a comfortable, fair, and equal working environment.

To be informed of future EqualiTea cake breaks, events, and to communicate with other D-ERDW members regarding the above mentioned topics, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Past EqualiTea meetings


05/02 – A chat with male and female guest professors/senior scientists (with Prof. Andreas Fichtner, PD Dr. Susan Ivy Ochs, and Prof. Motohiko Murakami)

05/03 – Family matters and childcare (with Ms. Monika Haetinger, KIHZ)

23/04 – From mere claims to full arguments (with Peter-Lasse Giertzuch, certified debating coach)


08/03 – Welcome, what is EqualiTea?

08/05 – What are the ‘inequality’ issues we face in our research groups?

02/10 – The journey to becoming a professor (with Prof. Ann Hirt, Prof. Judith McKenzie, Prof. Heather Stoll, and Prof. Lucie Tacjmanova)

06/11 – Let’s talk about sexual harassment

04/12 – The importance of sleep