About us

VAME is the Association of Scientific Staff at D-ERDW (for the curious — the acronym is for the German name, Verein des akademischen Mittelbaus am Departement Erdwissenschaften). We represent the D-ERDW “Mittelbau” — all academics in the department who are not full professors, from doctoral students to post-docs to senior scientific staff.

We represent the interests of this diverse group within the department and at the ETH-wide level. And we organise events, get-togethers and more, in order to contribute to the social life of D-ERDW and help newly arrived staff to feel welcome.

We have a number of programmes run by volunteer members within the department (check out EqualiTea, for instance). We also have a new Doctoral retreat team.

If you would like to get to know the active members of VAME, click here.

Interested in helping?
If you would like to join the VAME-team and actively take part in ETH politics you are right here!
Or are you interested in organizing events for the Mittelbau?
Would you like to support our Friday beer, help!desk or welcome desk – teams?

Contact us: Gregory de Souza desouza@erdw.ethz.ch or
Jeremy Caves jeremy.caves@erdw.ethz.ch