About us

Who are we?

VAME is the (German) acronym for Verein Akademischer Mittelbau Erdwissenschaften and represents the scientific staff, PhD students and all researchers excluding professors of the earth science department at ETH.

We organize events, get-togethers, movie nights and more to socialize and help newly arrived staff to integrate and feel welcome here at our department. We also support Post – Docs in finding their own grant, PhD students who need help communicating with their supervisor and frequently go to General Assembly of Scientific Staff at ETH to actively take part in ETH politics.

Currently we have a team working on gender equality that organizes get-togethers over coffee and tea where students, post-docs and professors can discuss current or previous issues in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere (check out EqualyTEA.)

We also have a new PhD retreat team.

If you would like to get to know the active members of VAME, click here.