Welcome to the new Fall Semester!

Some interesting events you might consider going to:

  •  Every Tuesday there is the department-wide Earth Science Colloquium from 12-13.00.  You get a free sandwich and drink outside NO C 60.
  •  Every Friday, we have the Geophysics Colloquium at 12 in NO C44.
  •  Every Friday starting from around 5.30, there is Friday Beer on G- or J-floor, depending on the weather.
  • Consider joining the new Doctoral Retreat team 2019! (Check out the link) or any other association of VAME
  •  Don’t forget to try out a new or old sports at ASVZ.
  • And finally, enjoy the beautiful fall in Zurich!

Doctoral Retreat 2018 was a great success!

The Doctoral retreat 2018, this year held in the wonderful country of Liechtenstein, was a great success! The around 80 participants could enjoy outside-poster sessions, join interesting workshops on “How to deal with unpleasant tasks”, “Public outreach” and more as well as learn about space missions by astronaut Reinhold Ewald, about Switzerland’s sustainability and renewable energy plans by Guido Siddiqi and about the adventurous life as a researcher by Elvira Mulyukova.